Pain & Loss = Sweet Surrender

Joseph was sold into slavery by his own brother’s. Can you imagine the betrayal and hurt that came with that? I can only begin to imagine what I would be thinking everyday working my butt off washing floors, doing hard manual labor all the while envisioning my brother’s living in freedom and happiness with MY father. Wow!! I doubt I would have reacted the way Joseph did. When his brother’s came to him for help he helped them and forgave ALL. What about the verse that says “And he wept aloud, and the Egyptians and the house of Pharaoh heard it.” Genesis 45:2  resonates with you? For me, it gives me a small glimpse into all the pain and hurt from the past that he felt and how he cried many times to work through his past to move forward with his future. Our emotions are good. They are for healing and full surrender to God’s purpose in our lives. Joseph understood that he needed to forgive the past and that God used his pain and rejections for a bigger purpose: to save many lives. (Genesis 45:4-7) We too can be like Joseph and bring all our grieving and pain before Him. We don’t need to minimize it or try to figure it all out.

Do you have a painful past that God has used for His Glory? I think healing for me is still happening. Just when I think I’ve completely healed God shows me other areas that need healing or release but I’m completely fine with it. My hope and desire is to grow to be more healthy: spiritually, emotionally, and physically.


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