God Sweetly Speaking

God speaks to us everyday all day, but do we hear Him? Sadly, I am guilty of moving so fast sometimes that I miss Him. Today I am re-focusing myself to hear him sweetly speaking to me and determined not to miss Him. You see when my son has a fever he say’s the craziest things. For example: Last night he woke up and said “Mommy tickle my pillow” !   What? I ignored this strange request and said “Sweety go back to sleep” he sounded a little upset and repeated himself. To which my inner self was saying wow I hope nobody finds out about this so I tickled the pillow and said “tickle tickle tickle”. Ya folks I went there!  and that was enough for my little guy he was content and fell right back to sleep. No questions asked. OK that was weird. This morning I was asking God what was that about? and I felt Him sweetly remind me that He has asked me to do things that have seemed crazy or odd to me and then I try to rationalize it. Wait! Did He really just ask me to do that? Does He really want me to give words of encouragement to that person or go talk to that guy I don’t even know? You want me to tell him what? No way that’s crazy, but when I faithfully listen and obey; God not only blesses me but also others and I bet I make God happy and proud. So go ahead tickle the pillow and be a blessing.

I encourage you to slow down and listen. Hear and receive what He is Sweetly saying to you.

I don’t know about you but I plan on having “a Jesus sandwich” for lunch today and receiving all He has for me. I hope you will too.


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