24 Hour Getaway

So what is a girl to do when her husband’s birthday is right around the corner and you are just not ready to leave your 4 yr old son. I’ll tell you what you do: You sneak away for just 24 hours to Shreveport, LA and talk your 3 daughters into taking shifts to watch your 4 yr old for FREE. Love that word. Drove from Dallas in just about 3 hours. Beautiful countrysides for the most part and just for the record we partied like rock stars! OK more like lounge singers. Yes we were in bed by 12:30am and not that I want to brag BUT we did hit 5 casinos in about 7 hours. Did I mention we played like big ballers too? Yup! Hubs put $5 in each slot machine and if we didn’t hit the big jackpot with that he would simply say “Let’s move on I don’t like that machine”. I’m not one to enjoy seeing my money sucked in by a shiny slot machine as it waves as if to say goodbye. At least it was Goodbye Abraham not Benjamin. I doubt I would take a trip out there again but at least I can say “Been there – Done that”

Now if only someone could answer this question for me: What is the deal with so many senior citizens in the casinos? What do they find so intriguing? Do they think they will hit the jackpot? Someone please tell me I’m dying to know!

On to the pics:

The Boardwalk

The Boardwalk

The River

The River



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