From Victim to Victory

Without pain, loss, grieving in other words “death” there can be no Resurrection.

Have you ever experienced any “terrible” circumstances that actually turned out to be a rich blessing much later? I’d love to hear about it. Sometimes it is the loss of a job, a dream, a business, family member, friendship, etc. God’s word says He can turn bad for good:

You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good…. Genesis 50:20

I love this poem: Only God can turn a mess into a message
                             A test into a testimony
                             A trial into a triumph
                             A victim into a victory

As I shared my experience in my last post I realized my mess/trial was turned into a blessing much later. I learned how to forgive. Without forgiveness we can’t be forgiven and I don’t want to spend my life with a wedge between me and God because I held on to a pain only He could heal. I didn’t want to carry around that ball and chain for the rest of my life. Next week I will touch on grieving and sorrow and letting go. Even Jesus grieved. In our society we are quick to shove those feelings down deep and we never truly heal. Sometimes we medicate our hurts with TV, video games, addictions, shopping, eating, staying busy etc. I was guilty of “shopping” too much at one point in my life but the good news is we can find true healing and feel true freedom. Hey it’s not easy but this life isn’t easy either and it’s a much happier life to live in freedom and victory instead of as a victim.


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