God Sweetly Speaking

God speaks to us everyday all day, but do we hear Him? Sadly, I am guilty of moving so fast sometimes that I miss Him. Today I am re-focusing myself to hear him sweetly speaking to me and determined not to miss Him. You see when my son has a fever he say’s the craziest things. For example: Last night he woke up and said “Mommy tickle my pillow” !   What? I ignored this strange request and said “Sweety go back to sleep” he sounded a little upset and repeated himself. To which my inner self was saying wow I hope nobody finds out about this so I tickled the pillow and said “tickle tickle tickle”. Ya folks I went there!  and that was enough for my little guy he was content and fell right back to sleep. No questions asked. OK that was weird. This morning I was asking God what was that about? and I felt Him sweetly remind me that He has asked me to do things that have seemed crazy or odd to me and then I try to rationalize it. Wait! Did He really just ask me to do that? Does He really want me to give words of encouragement to that person or go talk to that guy I don’t even know? You want me to tell him what? No way that’s crazy, but when I faithfully listen and obey; God not only blesses me but also others and I bet I make God happy and proud. So go ahead tickle the pillow and be a blessing.

I encourage you to slow down and listen. Hear and receive what He is Sweetly saying to you.

I don’t know about you but I plan on having “a Jesus sandwich” for lunch today and receiving all He has for me. I hope you will too.


Pain & Loss = Sweet Surrender

Joseph was sold into slavery by his own brother’s. Can you imagine the betrayal and hurt that came with that? I can only begin to imagine what I would be thinking everyday working my butt off washing floors, doing hard manual labor all the while envisioning my brother’s living in freedom and happiness with MY father. Wow!! I doubt I would have reacted the way Joseph did. When his brother’s came to him for help he helped them and forgave ALL. What about the verse that says “And he wept aloud, and the Egyptians and the house of Pharaoh heard it.” Genesis 45:2  resonates with you? For me, it gives me a small glimpse into all the pain and hurt from the past that he felt and how he cried many times to work through his past to move forward with his future. Our emotions are good. They are for healing and full surrender to God’s purpose in our lives. Joseph understood that he needed to forgive the past and that God used his pain and rejections for a bigger purpose: to save many lives. (Genesis 45:4-7) We too can be like Joseph and bring all our grieving and pain before Him. We don’t need to minimize it or try to figure it all out.

Do you have a painful past that God has used for His Glory? I think healing for me is still happening. Just when I think I’ve completely healed God shows me other areas that need healing or release but I’m completely fine with it. My hope and desire is to grow to be more healthy: spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

His Sweet Refining Fire

Many of us struggle with obstacles that come into our lives. ex: divorce, rebellious child, past hurts, abuse, etc. As I’ve been really seeking Him and searching Him I’ve come to realize that regardless of the source whether an attack from the enemy or something God has allowed to appear in my life there is always A Victory! A Reward! after we pass through it. But we need to press on and pass through it. I encourage you to not get stuck in this place. Take all your hurts, issues and problems and just lay them on Him. God is not afraid, overwhelmed or surprised by what comes against us and neither does He expect us to just work it out ourselves. He says “I will never leave you nor forsake you”  When all is said and done if we allow ourselves with His help to pass through the Refining Fire with His grace, love, and presence we will come out looking more and more like Jesus. If you are in a struggle and don’t feel God is around or He has abandoned you..Worship!!!  Run after Him!!! You will most definitely find Him!

This morning I am calling out to Him and getting completely wrecked in His presence. Whew! It’s the best place to be!

I am dancing in His presence and letting go! I want to be like David when he was confronted by Michal for dancing and rejoicing in God’s presence:

—I will celebrate before the Lord. 22 I will become even more undignified than this, and I will be humiliated in my own eyes.”  2 Samuel 6:21-22

Ready to dance? :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GkBaXle3r4



Hope you are dancing with me today and if I can pray for you let me know.

Sweet Testimony

My testimony is so sweet and yet bittersweet at times. I will share about it all as the Holy Spirit leads. I will say this: Childhood was dysfunctional and abusive. My teen years were full of rebellion and my early adult life was filled with confusion and struggles BUT then there’s the awesome redeeming grace of my dear sweet Jesus. I can just picture this awesome hand from heaven coming down and swooping me up and placing me on higher ground! Through every single stinking trial and moment of my life He was there. Words can never explain how thankful I am that He knew me before I was even ever formed (Jer 1:5)  That He had a plan and purpose for me before time began. That in His perfect timing He would lift me up out of my circumstances and open the eyes of my heart to know Him, seek Him, and be fully loved and embraced by Him. Whew ! That is humbling and powerful all at the same time. Let the bible verse below soak in… simmer on it today. Our almighty God is saying:  I knew you before you were born…    I set you apart…    

 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”

– Jeremiah 1:5 (NIV)
Can you recall a time when God just plucked you out of a situation? I would love to hear all about it.